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by In The Wings, Minnie Habit. Top-class 1m2f-1m4f international runner. Handful of winners under both codes.

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Beautiful holiday cottage nestled on a country lane in the village of Otterburn. Sleeps up to seven with modern facilities and an enclosed back garden. Only a five minute walk away from the stud.

Girsonfield Racing Club

Girsonfield Racing Club

Girsonfield proudly presents the second year of the Girsonfield Racing Club.

Note: Only two spaces left!

What is the Girsonfield Racing Club?

The Girsonfield Racing Club comprises of a group of people who jointly are involved in a number of horses in training to receive the rewarding benefits of attending the racecourse as an owner, visiting your thoroughbreds in training, and gaining greater involvement in the racing industry.

The GRC Runners

Riponian (pictured both above and middle)

Representing the flat racing that GRC offers is Riponian. A stunning gelding, Riponian would look the part in any dressage competition but there's no doubt where his talent lies after bringing home two wins and three additional places last season. Currently Riponian has ran five and been placed on three occasions – he still has racing to do before the end of the 2015/2016 Racing Club.

Harley' Max (picture below)

Let introduce Harley's Max or 'Laddie' as he has been known at Girsonfield shortly after his birth his dam died. However, the team at Girsonfield endeavoured to support this foal through hand rearing, including milk every two hours day and night! Naturally Harley's Max has over the years become a mascot of Girsonfield where we have seen him grow from an orphan foal... and grow, and grow! The size that he is we can assure you that anyone venturing to the races will have no trouble spotting him out from the crowd. Harley's Max is the National Hunt horse of the Racing Club and has done us proud in the 2015/2016 season. He has had 2 wins over fences and four places. We expect great things from this striking horse and invite you to become part of his journey.

Benefits of the Girsonfield Racing Club

A number of factors make a Girsonfield syndicate particularly appealing including:

Please do not hesitate to make enquiries.

Applications to join a Girsonfield syndicate can be made over the phone, by post, email, or in person.