Breeding and Training
Thoroughbred Horses in Northumberland

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by In The Wings, Minnie Habit. Top-class 1m2f-1m4f international runner. Handful of winners under both codes.

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Beautiful holiday cottage nestled on a country lane in the village of Otterburn. Sleeps up to seven with modern facilities and an enclosed back garden. Only a five minute walk away from the stud.

Long Term Mares & Youngstock

Mares staying at Girsonfield receive a number of benefits from our establishment including excellent veterinary care, appropriate nutrition, plentiful grazing from Spring to Autumn and comfortable stabling during the Winter evenings. Our vet Carolyn, from the Cheviot Vets practice, specialises in equine reproduction and has the experience and tools to offer first class care at Girsonfield. Please check out our Vet Scheme for peace of mind of costs and treatment during your mare's stay. Normally mares are fed three times a day as well as ad lib grade A haylage made on the farm. During the autumn they may have additional feeding and supplements if necessary. The Northumbrian weather and the need for good grass in the Spring does not allow for mares to be at grass during the Winter. However they are turned out during the day in all weather paddocks for exercise and to enjoy the fresh air. Mares are usually teamed in pairs so that they are relaxed and happy in their particular group. Our stabling is warm and comfortable with beds usually being made from straw and kept to a high standard of cleanliness. With these benefits and an experienced team of staff and management we endeavour to give your mare the best care possible whilst at Girsonfield.

Young Stock

In addition to caring for your mare Girsonfield can offer a full range of services to take a young horse from foaling to the racecourse. Of course this involves the stages of mare with foal at foot, weaning, growth into a strong youngster, and finally pretraining before it's time for full training in a yard. Ensuring that all of these steps are done professionally can lead to a more disciplined and well balanced horse in the future; a horse that has been primed for the racetrack. With years of experience in handling horses of all ages as well as necessary equipment and expertise for the pretraining of young horses, right next to our fully licenced yard, we can give your horse a flying start in its career.