Breeding and Training
Thoroughbred Horses in Northumberland

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by In The Wings, Minnie Habit. Top-class 1m2f-1m4f international runner. Handful of winners under both codes.

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Beautiful holiday cottage nestled on a country lane in the village of Otterburn. Sleeps up to seven with modern facilities and an enclosed back garden. Only a five minute walk away from the stud.

Sending Your Mare

Sending a mare for the first time?

Our procedure for new and incoming mares is designed with safety, efficiency, and value in mind. In order to understand a mare's cycle, and therefore when covering will be safest and most effective, mare's will be 'tried' or 'teased' with the stallion every other day after her arrival using separate stables to prevent accidents. Once a mare comes into season she will be covered by the stallion every other day until she is no longer in season. At 13 days after the first covering our vet will scan for pregnancy, this being the earliest point at which conception can be recorded. Two further scans will be taken after this initial scan in order to certify that the mare is pregnant and does not 're-absorb' as well as the vital checking for twins, which thoroughbred horses are unlikely to deliver successfully. These scans take place at 21 and 28 days after the first covering at which point mares may return to their owners.
Below are a list of requirements that we insist you undertake before sending your mare:
  • Mares must have had a CEM swab test anytime after the 1st of January of the year of the covering.
  • Mares must travel and arrive at the stud with their passports.
  • Mares must arrive with no back shoes.
  • Mares must arrive with a good fitting head collar.
  • Mares and foals must be insured by the owner.


We are happy to quote for the transport to bring your mare to the stud. Otherwise please do not hesitate to ask us for the contact details of trusted transporters that we can recommend.

Veterinary treatment

Our vet and trusted companion Carolyn will take over the medical care of your mare when she is at the stud. However, all tests, diagnoses, and treatments will fully be discussed with you, the client. We hold transparency, communication, and the involvement of our clients very highly at Girsonfield to ensure the best results for you and your horse. You also have the option of signing up for our Stud Vet Scheme, which we highly recommend due to the threat of unforeseen complications and the worry this can cause clients. All mares and foals coming to the stud must be insured by their owners as, whilst every care is taken, we cannot be held liable for accident or disease.